Test Timeline

  • The beginning : Aquarel

    The beginning : Aquarel
    I began with the aquarel painting of landscapes, but soon I started painting with acrylics and using stronger colors. I taught myself several techniques and developed my painting skills. Over the years I painted landscapes, some portraits, cats and other animals; more or less realistic.
  • Moose / acrylics

    Moose / acrylics

    After a few years I began painting colorful moose. The so called Moose Safari was and is still very popular and giclée prints of the painting are sold all over Europe.

  • Portraits and oil

    Portraits and oil

    My latest work is a series of portraits of young women heroes of this time. My work is colorful and expressive. My focus is to show the unique personality of the persons I paint in a more impressionistic way.


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